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Institutional cooperation for enhancement of quality and relevance of education
at all levels and forms

The main goal of the Edu4QI project is to develop and verify
a modular postgraduate education program for specialists
in contemporary quality improvement concepts. The modular program will enable flexible adjustment of the university’s educational offer to the expectations of a wide group
of beneficiaries - graduates of first and second-degree studies of various faculties in technical and social sciences.
A complementary goal is to develop recommendations for
the improvement of the postgraduate education process
in relation to the educational and supporting processes, including administrative ones.

The results of the project will be created by partner teams
of academic teachers - from the University of Stavanger
in Norway and the Gdanńk University of Technology
in Poland.  In addition practitioners from organizations cooperating with partners are expected to participate.
The course validation is planned for 2 groups of 12 students,
selected by each of the partners from among the 1st and 2nd degree graduates. The main effect of the project will be
a modular educational program tailored to the needs
of partners, enabling its implementation in various modes -
full postgraduate courses, intensive courses and accelerated training. An additional, jointly developed result ensuring
the sustainability of the effects will be a set of guidelines for the organization of such initiatives, based on the Lean Management concept and models of excellence

The project manager is Professor Piotr Grudowski from the Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland

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